The memory of the skene

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By marias on Sunday, March 4, 2001 - 11:47 am:

The stone of the skene (see text presentation act 2), the backwall, has become a bed. In the foreground there is a small table where words ar written. I think about this room, where people have bornt and died. I think about all these webcams in the world pointing at bedrooms. I remember the first time I sought a webcam, it was a young woman sleeping in her bed, jennicam. I was overwhelmed by its realness. Now this room, this bed, it could be Turkey, India, Lituania... And the mantra of this act comes back again and again: 'can the art of the actor challenge the dilema of this disincarnation...'. Experiencing duration, a simple woman, an interior duration in its 'original mobility'...

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